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I am a privileged kid and I know I will be able to finish university without any debt. Although this...
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My Experience on Tethys Engineering

My Experience on Tethys Engineering

I am a privileged kid and I know I will be able to finish university without any debt. Although this is the case, I certainly want to assist in lessening the financial burden that university will impose on my parents. I also want to advocate a way in preventing students, who aren't as fortunate, from being buried debt after graduation.

Student debt is a real thing. There are several ways to address it:

- Get your parents to pay
- Get a loan
- Get lucky and have a billionaire to pay it all 

It happens, the billionaire Robert F Smith just announced that he will erase all of the Morehouse College class of 2019's debt. A $40M bailout, just like that !

There is one other way that I started preparing myself for over the last couple of years. Work online with Tethys Engineering to find and work on internship project that will hopefully go a long way to support my college tuition and give me invaluable experience in the process. 

When I was 16 years old, I joined the Tethys Engineering platform. I originally registered in hopes of finding a way to make me stand out within the hundreds of thousands of applicants reaching for the prestigious universities... and that I am positive it did. Through Tethys, I was able to do a handful of projects from competitive research for companies like AT Kearney to assisting in a large surgery X-ray equipment benchmarking project with GE Healthcare. 
I was already beginning to build an understanding with how these industries work as a high schooler. I complete small projects related to what I will end up studying rather than getting a traditional student internships shadowing someone or getting coffee for a boss. This was impressive to the universities I applied to and assured them that I would continue to be driven and focused on the future throughout my education.

My Georgia Tech admission letter

My Johns Hopkins admission letter

My University of Michigan admission letter

Not only did I get the benefit of having this rewarding experience, but I also was getting paid at a rate of $12-17 an hour. I was a beginner and was getting paid far more than a minimum wage job. It's easy to see why Tethys Engineering would trump working at a restaurant or golf course over the summer as a student... it offers a way to pay for college tuition and prepares for a career right out of college. 

Tethys provides three noteworthy benefits:

Offers a way to make your resume stand out (impress future employers or university admission deciders)
- Prepares you and allows you to experience legitimate work that you would partake in within a multitude of companies i.e., gain skills and gain insight that the typical undergraduate seeking work wouldn't have

- Pay off college expenses while gaining knowledge

College is part of the American dream. It shouldn't be part of a financial nightmare for families. 

by Barbara Mikuski, Former United States Senator

The experience not only allowed me to further my education at one of the top universities for biomedical engineering, but as continue internships and projects on Tethys Engineering, I no longer hope that Robert F. Smith can come to help assist my family in the financial burden.

I hope that my story inspires many. If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to me. We can form a group, furthermore a movement. It takes one student at a time to completely evolve the world of internships and change the student loan debt statistics for the better.

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It is possible to dramatically reduce student debt...


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Friday, 24 March 2023

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