Graph algorithms and Graph analytics for the transportation industry here

Ariel Shaw
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Industry Sector

FTL Trucking

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Computer Engineering
Specific area
Graph database technology
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US Xpress
New Ventures
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Project Information

Project Name
Graph algorithms and Graph analytics for the transportation industry
Project Description
During the course of the internship, the participants will be involved in various advance graph database analytics and algorithms development efforts. This will include among other things:
• Testing and validation of the result of various graph queries (i.e., GREMLIN queries) to ensure that the output is consistent with the query's logic intent
• Applying graph query languages to extract relevant data from an online graph database and answer specific business questions
• Using various desktop tool for data manipulation and visualization to draw insights from the complex data set extracted from the graph database
• Developing data visualization tools to help represent the resulting data set in a user friendly environment
• Creating simple scripting modules to automate various task pertaining to data organization, data extraction, and data visualization
Project Deliverables
The work of the participant will be integrated into the production effort of a broader team. Specific deliverables of increasing complexity will be expected weekly as the participant develop skills and expertise in the domain of interest. To stay on track with the program, participants will be expected to
• commit an average of 15-20 hrs of productive work per week taking into account the student's course load and exams schedule
• Students are expected to acquire the minimum skills and know-how needed to participate to project activities (e.g., use of project management software, graph database query language)
• Rigorous project management and document management methods is to be used at all time
• U.S. Xpress expert oversight will be available to guide the effort

Location information

US Xpress, a leading North American FTL carrier, is seeking interns to participate to a new and exciting advanced analytics project. US Xpress is seeking to enlist a small team of top talent across multiple campuses and disciplines to support the growing data analytics and data visualization needs of the business. In particular, students will be expected to learn and apply various graph analytics methods and graph visualization techniques to help draw insights from the vast amount of data that is being accumulated every day. • The program offers a unique apprenticeship opportunity
• It creates possibilities to establish a long term relationship with U.S. Xpress while on campus
• Productive work will be compensated to help students pay for college
• Performance rating is available as an input to the student’s resume
• Through the program, students will be exposed to coaching opportunities from U.S Xpress experts and other professionals that are participating to this effort.
• Full time employment will be an opportunity available for every participants as the program is design to groom and attract the next group of talent into the organization


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