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Welcome to myTethys, where students can dive into personalized learning experiences and hands-on training in a virtual environment, all with the support of expert instructors, coaches, employers, and cutting-edge technology.

Get a head start on the 10,000 hr rule!

We have re-invented student apprenticeship by creating a comprehensive online experience to get work done and truly achieve “deliberate practice”.

Best of all worlds for employers and students alike, start working together early and shape your shared future.

Real work, unbounded creativity, financial support, and the development of those invaluable soft skills not taught in class.

Join myTethys and shape your future today.

About the Platform

To enable this new form of apprenticeship, we created a social network with a built-in e-commerce environment that allows students to be part-time freelancers for any organization they get acquainted with on myTethys or invite to join.  

Students can extend their first summer internship until graduation or have various online experiences with a broader set of organizations. This includes taking part in training programs designed by professionals to help realize specific work projects, as well as sharing and benefiting from the knowledge accumulated through their own online store.

Our expanding capabilities...

A complete social network

myTethys is a full social network including private groups, messaging, blogs, and dozens of other features to allow students to build and maintain relationships with future employers.

e-Commerce for student freelancers

Build your own business on myTethys and contract with employers for a variety of internships. Learn and Earn all on the same platform. Fund your education and get the experience to make you stand out.

Learning platform

Consume purpose-built courses for the career and employers you are targeting or develop knowledge of various tools, frameworks, and processes you need for a specific engagement.

Reputation builder

Build momentum, show the level of effort you have put in, and the practical expertise and knowledge you acquire all in an integrated profile that helps you stand out.

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“Welcome to myTethys, the innovative marketplace where last summer’s interns and businesses reunite to extend their learning and collaboration. Transform your internship into a continuous journey of professional growth and development. Join myTethys today, and let’s shape the future together.”



Flexible Plans


$ 0 Per month
  • All social networking features
  • Online store will all product and servcies available for purchase
  • Blogging, activity and news feed


$ 5 Per month
  • All basic features of myTethys
  • Create your own offering of product and services
  • Book and manage freelance engagements
  • Publish and consume learning content
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$ 15 Per month
  • All premium features of myTethys
  • Video conferencing via Zoom integration

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to leverage the platform is to create a profile and invite participants interested in collaborating. We want to allow that freelance relationship to be available with the minimum amount of friction so that students, professionals, and organizations can work together to get things done and allow students to earn an income to fund their education while they are still on campus. 

It is not. It is an important complement. We don’t believe a true apprenticeship experience can be obtained over a summer. It needs to be sustained over time and allow the amount of hours of practice that will make the learning truly stay with someone. myTethys provides the platform to begin an apprenticeship relationship with one or several organizations as early as the senior year in high school and to sustain it until college graduation.

It is for any student that believes in “deliberate practice” (see the definition by Anders Ericsson) as a means to reach excellence in any discipline. The opportunity to work with future employers, coaches, and mentors will dramatically contribute to achieving this sort of practice as a critical complement to the book knowledge and lab exercises available the college campus experience.  

It will provide a platform to help any student earn an income as a part-time freelancer. The level of effort, the ability to learn fast, and the focus on value-creating activities will all determine how much employers will be willing to spend on getting those motivated students through college with as little debt as possible.

It is a hyper-competitive world for everyone. Employers must find new and more effective ways to shape the next generation of talent. The campus recruiting methods are old and ineffective and lack the ability to understand candidates truly. Working with someone over a period of time is irreplaceable.